Cloud Platform Integration Training

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Start Date:  18th April 2020
Expected End Date:  20th June 2020
Weekends 8-9.30 PM IST
Duration : 40 Hours


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Expected Start Date: 10th July 2020
 Timings will be Weekends 8-9.30 PM IST
 Duration: 40 Hours
 The demo is planned on 10th July 2020

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What is CPI Online Training

Cloud Integration Training

demo Session & One Session from middle has implemented Cloud for Customer and integrated with backend solution as part of a Hybrid Cloud approach enabled by Cloud Integration (CPI) for various customers. C4X for Customer requires real-time integration with the back-end systems. Master data (accounts, prospects, contacts, territory assignments and so on) and transactional data (leads, opportunities, activities and so on) are some of the required features to be integrated.

The prepackaged content provides integration flows for integrating master and transactional data. It provides the connectivity support of IDOCs and SOAP over HTTPs (connecting to the Cloud for Customer scenario). Bulk messages from your CRM system can be processed in Cloud Integration.

A Cloud for Customer rollout can involve hundreds and thousands of the salesforce transacting daily on their mobile devices. CPI provides real-time integration with the back-end systems for quick data access and seamless user experience. The following diagram provides various ways you can use C4X

Importance of SCI in the digital transformation

Cloud Platform lies at the heart of the digital transformation strategy.

Viewed in its most basic terms, Cloud Platform is a PaaS that enables organizations to build, test and run DB-based applications in the cloud. However, this only scratches the surface of larger aims for the platform. The vendor positions Cloud Platform integration as the entire foundation for the "intelligent enterprise," a way to extend existing applications or develop new ones that can transform existing business processes or develop new business models.

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What to learn in our SCI training
  • Diverse scenarios
  • Customize SAP integration scenarios
  • Secure and reliable
  • Adapter SDK
  • Multiple endpoints
  • Prepackaged content
  • Public APIs
  • Synchronous and asynchronous

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