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       Stanley Mark 
  (US-  Marketing Head)
      Stanley Mark 
(US-  Marketing Head)

Modes Of Training

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Live Mode

Go for Video mode of training and clarify your doubts from trainer via email. Respected students attend well structured Live Interactive sessions by qualified instructors. Recorded videos of each and every session. LMS to gain access to content, videos, Assignments, plus Assessments.

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Video Mode

Click here Go for Video mode of training and clarify your doubts from trainer via email. Students learn from Pre-recorded videos of the Live sessions. Learn at your own pace from anywhere at any time using any device.


Running Session

Join the Ongoing batch from middle, watch the missed classes by videos and join trainer LIVE on regular basis for upcoming classes. You will also get a chance to attend next LIVE batch from beginning again. 

You can ONLY choose one option, multiple options cannot be selected, Please make a choice properly based

                                          on your convenience. The fee is SAME for any option you choose.

    Our Best Courses

 UI5 Training with OData on

 WebIDE (XML Views)

                                   Duration- 40 Hrs

A JavaScript UI library consisting of a feature-rich core and a really large number of UI controls which are organized in a handful of libraries. The end to end Ui5 app will be build with XML views and on WebIDE personal edition, All the required knowledge to setup your system is also covered in course. 

 AOE|RESTful Programming (RAP) 


                                Duration-30 Hrs

Advance Business Application Programming in Cloud Platform is new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for this course. For many years, it has been the foundation for the on-premise solutions. With Cloud Platform,developers can make use of their existing course know-how to develop and run applications in the Cloud. 

 CDS Views | S4 Technical Training


                                   Duration-40 Hrs

We will cover Data modeling, CDS Views, AMDP, ADBC, Performance tuning and all new concepts required, Some of the important topics related to S4 technical are VDM, CDS Table functions, SQL Scripting, CDS-BOPF integration, Smart filter app on CDS, CDS with OData and OVP based Analytical apps are part of this course.

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CDS View_edited.jpg

Security, Launchpad and

Administration training with Offline

App                          Duration-50 Hrs

After learning the developer skills on UI5 and Gateway (oData), A developer may need to activate the standard apps, Create custom apps using WebIDE or Enhance standard Apps. The course also includes Launchpad Configuration and Theme Designer to provide single Interface for end users accssing apps based on roles for Security consultants.

The course has Launchpad, Standard App Activation, Enhancements, Roles, Cloud Connector, Theme designer, Deployment, standard templates and all that in WebIDE.

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Native Application Development using XS and XSA 

                                 Duration-40 Hrs

XS is stands for Extended Application Services. Sometimes it is also referred to as XS Engine or just XS Classic. The main idea of XS is to embed a full-featured application server, web server, and development environment within the native DB architecture.This course also covers Node.js with XSA concepts like HDI, Micro-services etc.

Hybris Cloud_edited.jpg

Customer Experience - Sales Cloud Training  

                                   Duration-30 Hrs

The course is degined for professionals working by far in CRM Products and now due to shift in industry and innovations in cloud, Would like to learn Hybris Cloud for customer development.
The course is designed in a way to build your understanding of Customer Experience with ABSL (Scripting Language) and SDK. The complete course covers real-time examples on Cloud Application Suite (PaaS).

Cloud Platform Integrations - Integrate All Cloud Solutions SCI/HCI/CPI            Duration- 30 Hrs

In this module, we will learn all possible adapters used for integration, reuse the content using API hub and create 2 end-to-end industry scenarios using HCI with Hybris and S4. We have a cloud demo system available from MNC in the USA to demonstrate the qualities.

End to end App development in Cloud |Cloud Platform (SCP) Training 

                                 Duration-35 Hrs

Starring from the development of DB objects to JPA with ODBC Driver to model database operation and exposing OData services using open source frameworks. Consuming the services using User experience.

Deploying the whole solution in Cloud and creating launchpad on the Cloud portal with Roles, Catalogs and groups.

 Object Oriented programming with

 NW layer       

                                   Duration-30 Hrs

Braking the barriers of classical programming and module programming and coming into the world of object orientation just like jumping from C to C++. Learn state of art DESIGN PATTERNS in context of ERP. 
Here we talk about classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, events and many more. 

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 Webdynpro Training

                                 Duration- 30 Hrs

In the long term, Web based Dynpros will be the successor of the traditional screen-based ("Dynpro") user interface technology which is based on GUI. 
Web Dynpro (WD4A, WDA) is the ERP's standard UI technology for developing Web applications in the NW environment. It consists of a runtime environment and a graphical development environment with special Web Dynpro tools that are integrated in the Workbench (SE80).


 Webdynpro Floorplan Manager 

                                 Duration-30 Hrs

Floorplan Manager is a framework that you can use to create and configure Web Dynpro applications in Web Dynpro .
You can use the Floorplan Manager configuration editor to combine application-specific views of one or more business applications to a new Floorplan Manager application.


 Workflow Training      

                                   Duration-25 Hrs

Workflow enables the design and execution of business processes within ERP application systems: Workflow processes are delivered as content in the Suite. Additionally, customers can not only enhance those workflows provided by ERP, but they can also create their own workflows. A Workflow is at the heart of the system.


BRF Plus | BRF+ Training | Business rules framework

                                 Duration- 8 Hrs

BRFplus (Business Rule Framework plus) is a business rules management system (BRMS) offered by  ERP. BRFplus is part of the ERP stack. Therefore, all applications that are based on NetWeaver can access BRFplus within the boundaries of an ERP system.

However, it is also possible to generate web services so that BRFplus rules can also be offered as a service in a SOA landscape, regardless of the software platform used by the service consumers.


Advance Business Application Programming Training 

                                 Duration-30 Hrs

This is a very high level programming language created by the ERP giant. The programming language was originally used by developers to develop the Real-time platform. It was also intended to be used by ERP customers to enhance ERP applications – customers can develop custom reports and interfaces with a programming language.

s4 cloud.png

S4 Cloud Extensions with Cloud Platform Cloud Fondary
Duration- 40 Hrs

In this course, we will learn both in-app extensions and side-by-side extensions with S4 cloud including integration scenarios and embedded analytics. We will cover custom CDS views, custom BO, custom Analytics to give shape to in-app extensions.

Later, we’ll cover the full cycle of building, testing, and delivering an exemplary high-quality S4 extension to help manage inquiries on the floor of our store. Using the S4 Cloud SDK.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

                    ―  Henry Ford